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What Is Tinea Versicolor Treatment


What Is Tinea Versicolor ?

What is tinea versicolor. It is harmless skin disease is also known as pityriasis versicolor, it is produced by yeast and it can be found on any type of skin. It is a fungal infection that naturally lives on skin. It’s a long term chronic fungal skin infection and can affect any type of skin.

Tinea Versicolor Causes

Malassezia furfur is yeast; it is normally lives on the adult’s skin without causing problem or harm. It causes due to fungal infection and when the person has extraordinary moisture skin. Immune or hormonal changes, hot climates, increased sweating on skin due to exercise, increased body heat are the tinea versicolor causes.


Tinea Versicolor Symptoms

The first symptom of tinea versicolor is often spots on the skin. These spots can be in white, salmon, brown, red, or tan color. The spots are darker or lighter than the normal surrounding skin.

Tinea Versicolor Diagnosis

The spots appear anywhere on the body especially on the areas of shoulder, back and chest. The spots are dry, rough and scaly. There feels itching on skin where the spots appear. As the skin tans, the spots become more noticeable. The yeast is one that prevents the skin from tanning. The spots grow slowly. The spot can combine and form lighter or darker patches on skin as yeast grows. The spots may disappear when the temperature changes or returns in the summer when the air gets warm and humid. The border of the discolored patches is sharp and rough. There are fine scales on the skin surface. Increase of redness and itching.

Tinea Versicolor Prognosis

It affects the people with any color without any previous history of skin disease. To figure it out microscope is the easy way for tinea treatment. It affects both adolescents and adults. Tinea versicolor commonly affects the areas of shoulder, back and chest and do not affect face but in infants case there are chances of getting it on face. It’s a harmless disorder and after treatment the pigments changes usually last for about 3 to 4 months but in some cases it can last for at least one year. These patches can be in darker color or lighter color. It depends on the nature of the disease.

Tinea Versicolor Prevention

The medicine used for this problem improves the discoloration of the skin and eradicates the side red patches. It also improves the skin color and the skin becomes glowing. The disease itself is very annoying and irritating. The patches occurring in the disease are very itchy and painful. The medicine maintains the body temperature by controlling the immune and hormonal changes.

Tinea Versicolor Treatment

The medicine used for tinea versicolor herbal treatment is called Tiversical. This has amazing benefits and the medicine is made up of 100% natural herbs. It can be purchased from herbal care products. The ingredients of this medicine are Arillus Myristicae, Elephant Creeper, Nutmeg, Saffron and Serpentine. The patient should start the medicine immediately when the patches start appearing on the skin. It controls the terrible increase in the redness and itching. This medicine has no side effects and it helps in the improvement of the health.

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