11 Natural Home Remedies for Epididymitis

11 Natural Home Remedies for Epididymitis


Epididymitis is that disease in which inflammation of the epididymis tube located at the back of the testicles. Tube carries and stores the sperm. The epididymis is a firm tube which lies on the back of the surface of every testicle. It is coiled in order to fit a length of nearly 20 feet into a small space. It is common at the age of 19 to 35. It is the most delicate and sensitive part of a man body, testicles could be affected by ailments and problems similar to other body parts. Due to Sudden pain in the genitals makes a man very disturbed and anxious. Testicle pain/pain in the testicles (one or both testicles) is a very common problem that affects the men regardless of the age. Slow-and-steady pain and sudden-and-severe are two different types of testicular pain.

Natural Home Remedies for Epididymitis

The treatment of epididymitis depends on the identity of the bacteria. Treatment for epididymitis involves treating the underlying infection and easing symptoms. Some of the Home Remedies for Epididymitis that will help bring you relief include. Herbal Treatment for Epididymitis with 11 powerful natural remedies described below. It’s safe and easy to do from home and you will be feeling better almost immediately.


This cranberry can kill the bacteria which can cause infection. Use fresh cranberry juice which can be made at home for prevent different microbes.



It can reduce inflammatory response of the body cells to bacterial invasion. It decreased swelling and pain. Turmeric restorative uses can be used by utilizing one teaspoon of the powder regular in curries or mil.



Epididymitis Herbal Treatment with the Horsetail herb has many antibacterial properties which prevent you from further spread of the infection. Horsetail tea can be drink at once a day.



Use a few cloves of raw garlic in your meals. Crush the cloves when you used, as it helps to release the active ingredient which is called allicin.



Crush Drumstick Leaves and boil them with castor oil. Take the boiled leaves (crushed leaves and tie on swelled part. Remove early in the morning. Gradually swelling subsides. Squash the cloves before use,as this helps in releasing discharging the dynamic fixing called allicin.


Ice Packs

Apply ice packs to your scrotum will also help to reduce the swelling and provide you relief with this disease. Use of ice to rather swollen Epididymis can help reduce aggravation. Doing this in any event for two times each day can be very powerful.



Take rest for 1 to 2 days and limit your physical activities which until the pain decrease. By doing so the blood circulation which is not need will be prevented and gravitational pull will be reduced.


Athletic Supporter

Try to Use an athletic supporter for support the scrotum which also prevent the testicle injury. It also helps to alleviate some discomfort and swelling.


Add Some Lift

Get some relief from pain, by lifting your scrotum. When you laying down or at sleeping time put a rolled towel under the scrotum. It can provide some support and also decrease the testicular discomfort.


Take a Warm Bath

Take a long bath in tub and it does mean that it soothes pain and swelling but it increases the blood flow to affected area.


Tobacco leaves

It is also an effective Natural Cure for Epididymitis you Grind the tobacco leaves with the internal part of Bonduc Plant seed with water for consistency and apply paste to the swelled part. This swelling also pain decrease.



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