Prickly Heat – Milaria

Prickly Heat – Milaria

What is Prickly Heat?

What is Prickly Heat. Under different condition the body release extra sweat due to that the sweat glands becomes block. With the passage of time the skin rash occurs that is called prickly heat or miliaria. It can happen with any one especially during the peak summer season children and athletes mostly have the prickly heat rash due to humidity and exertion. Babies have rash because their sweat glands are not completely developed.

Prickly Heat Causes

The skin rash causes inflammation and itching on the skin surface. It is usually in the form of small pimples like raised spots which can be red or yellow in color. If the rash is not severe then it usually recovers itself within some hours or in a couple of days. During the humid season heat stroke is the most occurring medical emergency that happens due to suffocation and excessive exposure to Prickly Heat Remedies.

Prickly Heat Symptoms

The Prickly Heat pimples disappear whereas the heat rash does not recover itself very quickly. The patient should, immediately consult a doctor if the heat rash does not go for a long period. When they are of heat rash starts becoming infected and cause unbearable inflammation or pain.

Prickly Heat Diagnosis

It occurs with excessive perspiration. The hot humid environment damages the skin badly and due to excessive sweat staying on the skin makes it easily approachable for bacteria and other viruses. The dead skin cells and blockage make the Prickly Skin problem more frequent.

Prickly Heat Prognosis

The surgical rashes on the skin stay even after the recovery of the wound. They may cause heat rash due to the seasonal change.
Usually people do swimming or hot bath and start cooling their skin in front of the fan. This sudden change in the temperature i.e contact of heat on skin and then sudden exposure to the fan makes the skin instable due to that heat rash occurs.

Prickly Heat Prevention

They can be prevented by wearing light weight clothes that do not create skin rash. They should not be the harsh fibers. The people already having Prickly Rash should not apply oily product or any kind of lotion especially cocoa butter on the skin right after taking shower.

Prickly Heat Treatment

The medicine for Prickly Heat Herbal Treatment is Itchical. It is the best remedy for the problem especially in the summer season because it does not have any thing that causes problem in stomach or the skin. It can be used by the patient of any kind of prickly heat. It can be on any level from mild to severe. This medicine is made up of natural herbs that do not have any kind of side effects. Herbal Care Products can provide this medicine. The medicine contains Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha. It is in the form of tablets that can easily access every part of the body as compared to the ointments and creams. The ointment cannot be applied to some areas or can cause more inflammation due to the rashes and patching of the skin where as Itchical is mild that never causes any kind problems on the skin. Taking some simple Natural Remedies for Prickly Heat should make heat rashes disappear.


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