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Porphyria – Neurological Complications


What Is Porphyria?

What is Porphyria. It is a chronic disease that belongs to the hemoglobin and the red blood cells of the body. It happens due to the extra formation of natural chemical that produces the porphyrin. It is a group of disorders that occur due to the extra production of this protein called porphyrin. It has a lot of side effects for the body especially for the skin and the nervous system. It can make the patient to suffer from various allergies, pain and the problem in body functioning.

Porphyria Causes

The causes of this disease are

  • It is inherited form one generation to the other
  • The abnormalities of the genes causes the patient to suffer from this problem
  • There are various enzymes in the liver that makes it perform in a better way. The lack of these enzymes can cause porphyria
  • Usage of different drugs, chemicals, excessive smoking and heavy drinking of alcohol
  • Starving for excessive time
  • Menopause in the women
  • Excessive iron in the blood can cause the problem
  • The excessive exposure to the sun light and ultraviolet radiation

Porphyria Symptoms

Porphyria symptoms are

  • Vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and problem in swallowing along with pain in the chest.
  • The numbness and tingling occurs
  • Patient feels severe weakness and even paralysis on either part or whole body
  • Mental disturbances, anxiety and personality changes
  • Pain in different organs of the body
  • Different severe imbalances, shock , frequent low blood pressure and various other problems.


Porphyria Diagnosis

There are various signs through which the problem can be recognized.

  • The severe abdominal pain and cramps
  • Sensitivity to the light and the sun rays.
  • Blistering and rashes occurring on the skin with skin scarring and the sudden attacks of this skin problems

Porphyria Prognosis

Different skin problems and pain occurring prominently can be a sign or porphyria.

Porphyria Prevention

The classification is done according to the nature and the reason for the Porphyria cutanea tarda. It may include the reason, severity and symptoms of the disease. The problem is incurable on the extreme cases but controlled by taking different health measures and the changing of lifestyle.

Porphyria Treatment

The best remedy for the problem is Phorcical. It is the best herbal medicine that has no side effects. It makes the patient to gain health and to reduce the stress and weakness. It ingredients are Ashwagandha, Liliaceae, Gum Benjamin, Ammonium Chloride and Myrobalan. They are added to the medicine after the extensive research. It helps in the rejuvenation of the health and skin. This medicine is perfect for the Porphyria Herbal Treatment and various health issues. This problem is considered as incurable to various physicians where as the Phorcical can heal it. This is the quality of herbal medicines to cure the diseases from the depth hence the Phorcical needs the patience to cure. It is available at the Herbal Care Products. It seizes out the problem from other organs as well as helps the sensations to be cured. It makes the brain to work in the proper manner.

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