Ichthyosis – Skin Congenital Condition

Ichthyosis – Skin Congenital Condition

What Is Ichthyosis?

What is Ichthyosis Vulgaris. It is an extreme dryness and patching problem of the skin in which the skin becomes scaly. There are several types of this disease that vary according to their occurrence. It is basically a group of diseases that causes mild to chronic skin issues in the patient.

Ichthyosis Causes

This problem is not prominent among the new born babies where as it starts after 3 months. This problem can also occur during the middle age whereas causes serious effects in the older age that are severe. Kidney problem can be a reason for it. Kidney failure or infection can cause dryness and scaling on the skin. It is witnessed in the form of scales, tiles and polygon contours. Grey or dark brown colored patches starts appearing on the skin. That becomes painful in many cases cracks on the feet and hand palm creates a huge problem for the people to do any kind of work.

Ichthyosis Symptoms

This Ichthyosis Symptoms happens when the skin upper layer produces excessive protein. It starts making scales on the epidermis that are very similar to fish skin. It can also be genetic and the problem can transfer from generation to generation.

Ichthyosis Diagnosis

The exact reason of the type cannot be diagnosed until it shows its specific nature. The scaling causes itching and inflammations several times and lack of sweating occurs due to which dryness of the skin increases. Ichythyosis Skin is divided into different types according to its area and effects. The mild type of ichthyosis does not have any severe effects. It only makes the scales on the skin that are in polygon shape. Itching may occur that can become a little painful several times but it can easily be recovered by applying some homemade or herbal medicines.

Ichthyosis Prognosis

The chronic ichthyosis is rare but it does exist. It is a life threatening problem. There are some babies who have scaly skin at the time of birth it becomes more painful and scaly. The harlequin type ichthyosis occurs among the new born babies. They have very dry skin that becomes patchier with the passage of time. The scaling causes skin ruptures and rashes and eventually breathing and eating becomes difficult.

Ichthyosis Prevention

Herbal medicines are a bit slow but they cure the problem from the root.

Ichthyosis Treatment

Itchycal is the most applicable medicine for the Ichthyosis Vulgaris Treatment. It is very painful when it becomes chronic. This medicine is made up of herbal ingredients. The ingredients of this medicine are Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha. It is made up of totally herbal medicine. It also eradicates the dryness and scaly skin. It is very painful condition that frequent itching occurs on skin. Itchycal brings back the normal skin. This remedy can be availed from herbal care products.

It is not an ointment that will be inaccessible for the application. The remedy is in the tablet form that dissolves in the body to cover every part of the body. It rejuvenates the skin of every place of the body to make it refresh again. Hence the itchycal has the power to cure all the problems arising in the body.


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