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Healthy Eating for Burning Mouth Syndrome: The Benefits of a Good Diet


If you have burning mouth syndrome, you may be wondering how to cope with the symptoms that come along with it. We may not know exactly what causes burning mouth syndrome, but we do know some of the triggers and ways to deal with it. One of the best ways to help alleviate these symptoms is to eat healthy food and drink plenty of fluids.

Proper nutrition helps keep your mouth moist

If you have been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome, it is important to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids. To help keep your mouth moist and reduce the pain, try to eat foods that are high in water content such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid acidic, spicy, salty or greasy foods which can irritate the mucosal membrane inside your mouth. Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. You may also want to consider adding a humidifier at night to help keep your mouth from drying out during sleep.

Healthy Eating for Burning Mouth Syndrome The Benefits of a Good Diet

Sufficient saliva production prevents dry mouth

A burning mouth can be caused by dry mouth and is a common symptom in patients with Sjögren’s syndrome. Saliva production decreases during periods when the salivary glands are not stimulated, such as when sleeping or under anesthesia. If insufficient saliva production is experienced, it can lead to dry mouth which may contribute to symptoms of burning mouth. This condition can be managed through healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet decreases mouth pain

A healthy diet can help you manage the pain in your mouth by decreasing the discomfort caused by the burning sensation. While there is no cure for this condition, there are many ways to alleviate the symptoms and make life with chronic burning mouth syndrome easier. One way to ease your discomfort from this condition is to practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing after every meal and use dental floss at least once a day.
Another way to help control your symptoms is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will not only keep your mouth moist but will also prevent dehydration which can cause dry mouth and dryness in other parts of your body as well.

Good nutrition helps fight infection

A healthy diet is important to help fight infection. Burn mouth syndrome can cause dryness and inflammation in the oral cavity, which can make it difficult to swallow or talk. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, incorporating more fluids and foods that are rich in vitamin C may help alleviate some symptoms.
A healthy diet will also help your immune system stay strong. You’ll be better able to fight off bacteria that could lead to an infection or illness, since you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs.
A balanced diet can also improve your mood if you’re feeling depressed or anxious from this condition. For many people with burning mouth syndrome, depression is one of the most disabling effects because it makes it hard to deal with other aspects of life.

A nutritious diet speeds up healing

It is important to eat a nutritious diet when you have burning mouth syndrome. A good diet will not only help you heal, but it will also help prevent the recurrence of this condition. When your body lacks the proper Herbal Supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome and vitamins, it can lead to chronic conditions such as burning mouth syndrome. If you are currently experiencing symptoms and want relief, then make sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids while eating well-balanced meals that contain foods rich in protein and fiber.

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