Can Supplements cause Delayed Ejaculation?

Can Supplements cause Delayed Ejaculation?


Delayed ejaculation is a condition that can cause you to have trouble achieving orgasm. It’s important to understand that delayed ejaculation isn’t the same as not being able to ejaculate quickly–it’s more about how long it takes. And some people may experience delayed ejaculation due to other health issues like diabetes or low testosterone levels (which can also cause erectile dysfunction). So if you’re experiencing this issue, don’t worry: there are many natural supplements out there that may help kickstart things back into gear!

What is Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is when a man takes longer than he should to ejaculate. It’s not the same as erectile dysfunction, which is when a man can’t get or keep an erection to have sex with his partner.

Delayed ejaculation is more common in men than it used to be, and it’s thought that psychological factors are responsible for some cases of delayed ejaculation. However, there are also physical causes that can cause men with delayed ejaculation problems if they’re left untreated–and these issues can sometimes lead back into other areas like depression or anxiety disorders.

Can Supplements cause Delayed Ejaculation?

Supplements can be a temporary solution to delayed ejaculation, but they’re not a cure. Supplements are not a permanent solution to your problem. They won’t make you last longer in bed or solve any other problems you may have with your sex life. If you’ve been having trouble climaxing and don’t want to use them anymore, talk with your doctor about other options for treating the cause of your problems instead of just treating symptoms (like taking supplements).


Are there any natural Supplements for Delayed Ejaculation?

  • A popular supplement for men who have difficulty reaching orgasm, yohimbine works by increasing blood flow to the penis and helping it stay erect longer. You can buy yohimbe supplements in pill form or as a liquid extract.
  • Maca root. This root has been used for thousands of years to improve fertility and libido in both men and women, but it’s not just any old root: Maca is a relative of turnips that grows at high altitudes in Peru and Bolivia (and some other South American countries). It contains many nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium–all necessary for healthy sexual function–as well as choline (which helps produce sperm). You’ll find maca powder sold online under various names; however we recommend taking 50 mg daily between meals with food instead of taking it on an empty stomach like most people do with other forms of supplementation because absorption rates are higher when taken with food rather than without anything else present.* L-Arginine.* Tribulus terrestris.* Tongkat ali.* Ginseng

There are natural supplements that can help you with Delayed Ejaculation if you want to.

Supplements are not a cure. They don’t work for everyone and they can’t replace therapy, but they can help with other problems like erectile dysfunction.

If you want to try supplements, talk to your doctor first. Many people have been harmed by supplements that were not safe or effective at all; others have gotten sick from them accidentally (and then blamed the supplement). If you’re taking something that is recommended by a reputable doctor–like testosterone replacement therapy–there should be no reason why it shouldn’t work for you!


The main message here is that there are natural supplements that can help you with delayed ejaculation if you want to. You should consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement, but if you do decide to try one on your own, then be sure to talk it over with them first and make sure everything’s okay!

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