11 Natural Treatments for Actinic Keratosis

11 Natural Treatments for Actinic Keratosis

What is Actinic Keratosis?

Actinic keratosis which is also known as solar keratosis which is crusty, scaly growth and it is cause by damage from exposure to the ultra violet radiation. It is mostly appear on lips, face, Forearms, scalp, back of your hands and neck. It starts at age of 30 or 40 and become more common with age. Its size is 2 to 6 millimeters. These patches can be removed by using different treatments depending in the condition. These lesions are mostly found for those people who have fair skinned.

Symptoms of Actinic keratosis

The patients who have actinic keratosis are generally tended to be people who have fair skin and those who spent most of the time outdoors in sun. Following are some Symptoms of Actinic Keratosis are listed below

  • Reddish
  • Horn like appearance
  • Blurring of lip border and adjacent skin
  • Itching
  • Bumpy, dehydrated and incrusted patches on the skin
  • Hard, wart like exterior
  • Color variation from pink to red to brown
  • Rough , dry or scaly patch of skin
  • Burning of the affected area
  • Inflammation
  • Rapid enlargement
  • Bleeding
  • ulceration

Natural treatment for Actinic Keratosis

Following are some Herbal Treatment for Actinic Keratosis which has no any side effects and Controls the Itching, Bumpy, dehydrated and incrusted patches on the skin, Hard, wart like exterior and many other symptoms. Here are some Natural Remedies for Actinic Keratosis given below.

Actinic Keratosis Herbal Treatment

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

It is an effective Natural Cure for Actinic Keratosis by regularly applying organic virgin coconut oil to your spots from nose, neck, forehead, and face.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Dabbing a bit of apple vinegar it can directly apply on the affected area and your spots will resolve within time.


Castor Oil

It can be helpful to soothe burning and inflammation to the lesions and also help you to reduce the spots if you apply it regular for many days


Green Tea

This herbal Natural Remedy for Actinic Keratosis is good for your overall health you can drink it also and apply on affected area but it should not drink 5 cups in a day.



Most of the people have found that mixture of apple cider vinegar and eggplant has successful effect for treat the actinic keratosis.


Milk Histle

Many researchers have found that milk thistle can help to protect your skin from cancer which is resulting from ultra violet ray exposure.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

It is an effective home remedy for those who have actinic keratosis. You should mix it while using by organic coconut oil and apply it each day.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can also be directly ingested to treat the actinic keratosis. It can also good for your spots n your neck and face


Olive Oil

It is also known for many skin problems especially for skin problems because it is rich in vitamin E. It reduces the dryness and bumpiness of skin. Apply some amount of olive oil on affected part of body.


Herbal Moisturizers

To avoid actinic keratosis it is necessary to keep your skin moisturizes try to use camellia oil which reduce the spots of your face and neck


Witch Hazel

It is known for cure the different skin problems but especially to treat the actinic keratosis and it is very useful or bumps of your skin. Apply on affected area each day.

Witch Hazel


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