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Testing for drugs and alcohol can benefit an organization in six ways


As part of the hiring process, employers can conduct drug and alcohol tests on job applicants. In some instances, employers require these tests before hiring applicants. So, you can see, pre-employment drug and alcohol testing is an integral part of the pre-employment screening process for ensuring that prospective employees are skilled and capable of doing the job. In blood tests, a number of drugs are commonly tested for, including amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates, nicotine, and alcohol, which are all drugs that can be detected through a blood test.

Pre-employment drug testing programs and on-the-job drug testing products supplies programs can both benefit employers and employees through comprehensive workplace drug testing programs. Organizations can benefit from drug and alcohol testing policies in many ways, but these six are particularly important.

Safety at work

A drug test at work promotes workplace health and safety as its single most important benefit. Work activities that involve handling chemicals, driving heavy machinery, or operating vehicles (like those in the oil and gas sector, the manufacturing sector, and the construction sector) require extra safety precautions. When workers are intoxicated by their drug of choice, whether on ice or drunk, workplace accidents are significantly higher. Regardless of the industry in which they occur, workplace accidents can cause significant loss in money, injuries, and even death. As a result, your organization will encounter a host of responsibilities and public relations issues.

Productivity is improved by safety

As drug testing reduces accidents in the workplace, the absence of injuries in the workplace is a pretty good indicator of a safe working environment. Therefore, it is only natural to assume that this would lead to better productivity for employees since they would know their employers will do their utmost to ensure that their workers are safe. Those companies that have implemented comprehensive drug testing programs have consistently seen a marked improvement in employee morale and job performance.

Candidates can be screened for drug use by employer

Some employers view pre-employment drug testing as an unnecessary expense. Although it might not seem important, taking into account the potential costs of dealing with a drug user within your organization, it becomes clear why it is important. Is there anything you would do if you suspected someone in your company was abusing drugs? How would you respond if you discovered it? Every employee should be tested for drugs and alcohol before they are hired.

Boosting employee morale

When drugs are abused in the workplace, people can experience problems. By enforcing a strict drug testing program, employers demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe work environment for their employees. An organization’s morale can be boosted by having pleasant working conditions for its employees.

Reducing workplace violence/conflict

There is a high rate of aggressive behavior among drug abusers, particularly among those intoxicated with stimulants such as cocaine and ice. A drug-abusing employee will be able to be identified and dealt with in advance of any violence or conflict.

As a result, there are healthy workplaces

It is well known that drug abuse poses health risks. Employers can promote a healthier workplace by educating their employees about the risks associated with drug use at work and discouraging them from doing so.


Regardless of the industry, drug and alcohol testing can be beneficial for any organization. Some of the benefits of workplace drug testing have been documented by proponents of the program. It is therefore very important to set up and implement a workplace drug and alcohol testing program as soon as possible if your company does not already have one.

By: Harbal Care Products Blog

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