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Lichen Planus Treatment by Natural Skin Care Products


Natural Skin Care Products For Lichen Planus Treatment The numerous reasons for Lichen planus have been explored and talked about by various researches about and concentrates on throughout the years. The Lichen Planus being referred to here is a condition that usually appears through dry, lichen-like skin developments. It now and times influences the tongue. …

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Lichen Planus Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Lichen Planus is an inflammatory skin condition in which flat lesions show up on the skin or mucous layer, causing pain, redness and tingling. It is neither irresistible nor contagious, however it may continue for quite a long time or years, and may repeat. The exact cause is obscure; …

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Lichen Planus – Annular Pattern Disease – Skin Disorder

What Is Lichen Planus ? What is lichen planus. In this skin disorder the lesion and rashes occur on the skin that later on changes to the itchy papules which are usually light red or purples in color. They can occur on anywhere on the skin including the genital parts and inside the mouth. The …

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