Lichen Planus – Annular Pattern Disease – Skin Disorder

Lichen Planus – Annular Pattern Disease – Skin Disorder

What Is Lichen Planus ?

What is lichen planus. In this skin disorder the lesion and rashes occur on the skin that later on changes to the itchy papules which are usually light red or purples in color. They can occur on anywhere on the skin including the genital parts and inside the mouth. The problem occurs on the wrist, forearms and thighs.

Lichen Planus Causes

There are several lichen planus causes due to which it bursts out on the skin and makes the lesions and itching.

  • It happens due to the Hepatitis C and as hepatitis increases the skin becomes more itchy and the lesions becomes more abundant
  • Arsenic and quinacrine are very harmful for during this problems. When these elements are taken in the drugs or any other thing they causes the Lichen planus and makes the skin appear more fragile and critical
  • The patients with bone marrow transplants usually have such kind of diseases especially when the bone marrow have some complication for adjustment

Lichen Planus Symptoms

The lichen planus symptoms can make the problem to be recognized easily and the proper remedy can be suggested

  • The rashes are very painful and have inflammation
  • The sides of the tongue and inside the cheeks are highly damaged due to this issue
  • It is mostly located on the wrist, legs, and genital parts
  • The blisters and ulcers starts occurring and mouth stays dry
  • In rare cases the hair loss occurs
  • Upper layer of the skin becomes fragile

Lichen Planus Diagnosis

If the symptoms of the erosive lichen planus are diagnosed then the remedy becomes definite. The pain is severe and makes the rashes to have more inflammation. The patient feels restless and the problem increases excessively.

Lichen Planus Prognosis

If the papules rupture they cause severe inflammation and itching. They can even create extreme pain and issue on the surface of the skin and the parts where it is located. It is a type of syndrome that makes the skin rupture and create layers of scars and dead skin scales. When the lesions and papules appear they do not create severe pain but makes the skin cause inflammation. This problem causes excessive restlessness for the patient.

Lichen Planus Prevention

Different ointments and medicines are used for this problem.

Lichen Planus Treatment

There are various Home Remedies for Lichen Planus that may well prove effective. The advantage of Herbal Treatment for Lichen Planus is that they are safe and likely it free from any kind of harmful side effects.

The medicine used for Lichen planus treatment is plenical. it is made of herbal ingredients which are very good for human health and skin. Its constituents are Ashwagandha, Liliaceae, Gum Benjamin, Ammonium Chloride and Myrobalan. The skin layer becomes fine and rejuvenated after using the medicine. It is present at the Herbal Care Products. It does not have any side effects. The herbal medicine works slowly but recovers the problem from depth. It removes the roots of the problem and helps the patient to be in a normal condition. There is no need to access the genital parts and the lesion inside the mouth because the tablets of Plenical cure the inside of every area. The ointments cannot access such areas that are why the things are cured by the internal effects of the problem.


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