Costochondritis – Induced Chest Pain

What is Costochondritis ?

It is an acute disease due to which extreme inflammation in chest occurs. It happens in the cartilage that joins the rib to the breast bone. It is basically a junction that is called costosternal joint. In the severe cases the extreme pain causes for costochondritis. It is also named as chest wall pain symptoms for costochondritis, costosternal syndrome and costosternal chondrodynia. It is known as tietze syndrome when the Costochondritis Pain occurs in the chest wall along with swelling. There is no specific way to prevent this problem where as it recovers by itself.

Costochondritis Causes

It usually occurs among the children of 12 to 14 years of age or the social smokers. When the athletes do extra exercise and they get different injuries or any kind of traumatic injuries can also causes of costochondritis. During seasonal change this problem occurs as a viral infection, bacterial infections and in rare cases fungal infections. There are several forms of arthritis in the resultant the cartilages get blocked eventually due to that Costochondritis Causes happen. This problem can occur among the children for carrying a bag in wrong posture on away from the slump of shoulders.


Costochondritis Symptoms

Costochondritis Symptoms are inflammation in the cartilages of chest wall happens due to the symptoms of costochondritis viral infection or continuous smoke inhaled by the person.

Costochondritis Diagnosis

During the excessive exercise and injury extreme chest pain occurs that is also cured by the medicine. The patient feels extreme stress and pressure on shoulders and arms. Severe coughing occurs.

Costochondritis Prognosis

During the disease doctors suggest various pain reduction medicines and NS AIDS to reduce cough. It disturbs the heart because it usually occurs at the left side of the breast.

Costochondritis Prevention

To recover with Costochondritis Treatment doctors prescribe different pain killers. They should be taken in a limit because excessive use increases health issues. When the temporary pain reduces the patient should visit the doctor immediately for the further Costochondritis Herbal Treatment. Physical activities and gym should be skipped during the pain and coughing. Patient should place heating pad or warm water bottle on chest and areas having pain several times a day. The attendants and other people around the patient should not use same utensils for eating and drinking. The patient should be restricted to walk and have curved posture.

Costochondritis Treatment

The medicine that successful recovers pain and chest problems during the disease is cidrical. It has efficient affects on the patient that not only relieves the cough whereas also recovers the blockage in the cartilages. In case of costochondritis the heart related Cardiovascular Disease Symptoms occurs but they do not appear in clinical tests. The medicine relieves the issue of any kind of disease arising in the result of the problem. Cidrical is composed of herbal ingredients that are arillus myristicae, elephant creeper, nutmeg, saffron and serpentine. They never harm the other organs and relieve the pain. It is also good for the infections occurred due to the injury and cartilages. After the first use prominent changes can be seen and the recovery becomes possible as the medicine is taken properly by following the prescribed dose and timing. It is ordered by the Herbal Care Products.

Natural Remedies for Costochondritis

Want to know how to cure costochondritis from the comfort of your home? These Natural Remedies for Costochondritis are commonly used to treat the chest pain:

Avoid refined flours and sugars.
Use heat or ice on the area to help ease pain and inflammation.
Eat fruits and veggies high in antioxidants; onion, garlic, and strawberries are excellent choices.
Ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper can all be added to meals to help lessen inflammation naturally.
Nettle supplements can be taken to help lessen inflammation.
Burdock root is a natural pain reliever.
Aloe vera gel is a Herbal Treatment for Costochondritis it can be taken internally to help boost immunity and energy levels.
Eat a diet high in natural anti-inflammatory omega-3’s including salmon, olive oil, flaxseed, and avocado oil.

However, you can minimize the pain and discomfort following Home Remedies for Costochondritis, also to stop it from happening in first place, or to treat the condition.

Hydrocele – Vericocele Disorder

What is Hydrocele?

During Hydrocele the testicles get swelled due to various problems and the transparent fluid starts filling inside them. In the extreme stages when the hydrocele grows it cannot be easily drawn out. It is not removable by medicine when left untreated for longer, hence surgery is done for the removal and recovery. In case of infection, it is not easy to do the Hydrocele Surgery because of the sensitivity.

Hydrocele Causes

Hydrocele occurs due to various problems to the testicles. Sometimes the inflammation or damage happens to the testicles that becomes a reason for Hydrocele Causes. Due to the sitting posture and keeping the body on irregular posture blockage occurs to the spermatic cord. That can be fluid or blood blockage that becomes a reason for the testicles to swell. Various types of diseases have different reasons. Fluid flows out of the scrotum or drains from the abdomen that does not get proper absorption and results in the occurrence of infection. The swelling, injury or inflammation to the testicle or epididymis also causes hydroceles.

Hydrocele Symptoms

There are several complications which occur when the hydrocele arises.
•    It is very irritating and disturbs the routine life. Although sometimes it is not painful but due to the increases in size and weight it is a hassle to carry it.
•    Due to some kind of trauma rupture to the Hydrocele Symptoms occurs where as it is very spontaneous.
•    In several cases infection occurs due to aspiration that is tough to recover by a surgery. Contradiction occurs about doing the surgery.


Hydrocele Diagnosis

The initial diagnosis of the problem is done by physical examination. When the sharp light is thrown on the area filled with liquid it shows a transparent effect. The liquid is clear hence can easily be identified in the torch light. The Hydrocele Repair is clear and the fluid inside it can easily be seen in the skin upper layer. Several times there is a tumor inside the hydrocele that is recognized by biopsy.

Hydrocele Prognosis

When the hydrocele arises it is soft to touch and the fluid can be felt. It starts becoming transparent as it grows and gets enlarged. The fluid inside the hydrocele can easily be seen.

Hydrocele Prevention

Medication for the hydrocele is highly desired by the patients because it is extremely irritating and painful diseases that eventually disturbs the flow of blood. It is normally known for the presence of a fluid that gathers in the scrotum or near the testicles.

Hydrocele treatment

There are several treatments of hydrocele among which the liquid can be taken out with the help of syringe. The medicine suitable for this problem is Cedical. It is a herbal medicine that successfully removes the problem of every kind of Hydrocele Operation. It is effective and helps even if accidently the rupture occurs to the infected area. The medicine soothes it and increases the recovery.  Patient does not need to have any kind of surgery if he starts taking cedical. It is an oral medicine that is taken after the breakfast. It is strictly prohibited to leave breakfast or to sleep with empty stomach. For the perfect benefits it is necessary to follow the accurate time of the medication as it is decided. It can be purchased by herbal care products.

Natural Remedies for Hydrocele

The most common causative aspect in situation of hydrocele is toxicity of health system. The level of toxins in body elevates due to improper eating and lifestyle habits. Given below is some Effective Natural Remedies for Hydrocele naturally.

  • This is the most important meal of the day. The first meal of day should include a glass of fresh milk and uncooked fruit salads of apples, oranges etc.
  • Diet – An exclusive diet of fresh fruits for example peaches, apples, grapes, peaches, oranges, melons or any other seasonal fruits should be followed for a period of eight days.
  • Soaking in a cold water bath taken two times a day may help lessen the size of the swelling.
  • Certain yoga postures such as the Thunderbolt Pose and the Eagle Pose may help to lessen the swelling.
  • Plenty of plain water or unsweetened lemon water should be drunk and a warm water enema should be administered every day. After this, a well-balanced, nutritious diet should be followed.

Burning Mouth Syndrome – Xerostomia

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome is a severe painful problem that not only frustrates the patient where as creates a disturbance in the daily life and routine activities. This problem is hardly curable but there are several methods by which it can be controlled along with the handling of the anxiety it generates. The biggest issue of having this disease is the burning of mouth without showing any traces hence, the patient carries a severe painful disease without any kind of evidence until it is diagnosed. There are some basic factors of this problem by which it can be found. These factors also relate the issue to other similar kinds of What Causes Dry Mouth.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes

This problem occurs due to different problems including cancers, hernia, fissured tongue, oral candidiasis, type 2 diabetes, geographic tongue, neuropathy and many other diseases that involve various internal organs and surgeries. It is not clinically diagnosable disease where as can be recognized by taking the complete history of the patient. However for the confirmation assistance can be taken from different diagnosis tests including urine samples and blood tests. This is curable by herbal medication without any kind of side effects.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Symptoms

Burning Mouth Syndrome is divided into three different types which are entirely based upon its fluctuating nature. In the first type it shows the symptoms and pain only at the time when the patient wakes up. Second one occurs at the night time when the patient passes some time however the third one cannot be described upon a specification because it does not follow any pattern. In the third type the Burning mouth syndrome symptoms any time.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Diagnosis

There is no specific diagnosis for the Burning Tongue Syndrome because there are many symptoms of this disease which are related to other stomach or inner organs problems. The people suffering from burning mouth syndrome are also treated psychologically and they undergo different psychological questionnaires.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Prognosis

When the patient feels severe pain in tongue and other areas of mouth, the medicine should be started. It is also recommended when the soreness of tongue increases or the patient feels lack of taste. If another medicine is already used and the disease starts showing its symptoms again then immediately this herbal medicine named burnical should be started.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Prevention

It is usually caused due to severe anxiety hence mostly doctors prescribe anideprassants and anxiolytics for the treatment. They only stay helpful until the patient keeps on using them where as they starts showing serious side effects when the intake is stopped. However in some cases it totally prevents the anxiety if the treatment of the tongue is treated successfully.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment

There is only one medicine for Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment that is highly recommended by the physicians. This is named as burnical. It is made of totally herbal ingredients that never show any kind of negative effects on health or memory. It also reduces the problem of anxiety from the patient. The herbal ingredients of this natural treatment for burning mouth syndrome are Nutmeg, Spanish chamomile, Egg Shell Calcium, Coral calcium, Henbane, Indian Rennet, Cow hage, Wattle Bark, Cloves, African rue, Elephant Creeper and Cinnabar. The herbal treatment for burning mouth syndrome is present at the Herbal Care Products.

Bullous Pemphigoid – Autoimmune Skin Disorder

What is Bullous Pemphigoid?

What is Bullous Pemphigoid ? Large blisters start appearing on the body with severe itching and inflammation this is the time for the treatment and diagnosis of bullous pemphigoid. This is a chronic auto immune disease that blisters the skin in a severe manner. Sometimes mucous membrane tissues are also involved in this problem due to that the skin cells get dead and the blisters eruption occurs on the skin surface. It is very painful problem that is also seen among horses and dogs. Dogs rarely have this disease where as it is most abundantly seen among the domestic cats.

Bullous Pemphigoid Causes

It usually occurs due to the activation of aging auto immune system that is why it is mostly seen among the older adults. The Bullous Pemphigoid Causes of this problem are the medication reaction or the systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It is a painful disease that becomes more chronic with the passage of time if left untreated. When the problem starts blisters appear on the skin and as the time passes they gets erupted. They cause severe itching and inflammation due to that patient fails to maintain the normal health. When it starts from nose or mouth the frequent bleeding occurs from nose.

Bullous Pemphigoid

Bullous Pemphigoid Symptoms

Bullous Pemphigoid Symptoms is If the mucous membrane of mouth gets erupted the patient fails to take a normal diet. It causes severe pain, inflammation and itching in the mouth. Acidic foods create more inflammation that is why they are restricted during the problem. Due to open sores and bleeding gums patient cannot eat or drink properly.   Ulcers also generate inside the body due to Bullous Disease.

Bullous Pemphigoid Diagnosis

It is rarely seen among kids and infants because this problem occurs mostly among the adults of 50 above age. During this problem the aging immune system gets activated, hence it starts disturbing the skin. It can be identified by several biopsies of the skin which entirely depends upon the severity of the problem.

Bullous Pemphigoid Prognosis

When it starts appearing on the skin it becomes blisters and with the passage of time they get erupted. In case of contact with the inner organs the membranes get erupted inside those results in the tissues disturbance and creation of ulcers. Rashes also occur on the skin layer before the appearance of the blisters.

Bullous Pemphigoid Prevention

There are several ways for the treatment of bullous pemphigoid. Initially the skin specialists suggest steroids for the bullous pemphigoid treatment. They helps the cure where as generates severs side effects in which other skin problems arises.

Bullous Pemphigoid treatment

The most effective and highly recommended treatment for bullous pemphigoid is the bullical for Pigmentation Disorders. This is made up of totally herbal contents and helps the skin to regain its normal form. Although this medicine is suggested to be started as the problem arises where as in case of the continuous nose bleeding, coughing and overnight arousal of blisters. It is composed of Arillus Myristicae, Elephant Creeper, Nutmeg, Saffron and Serpentine. There is nothing in this medicine which is harmful for the body. It is more effective than any other steroid and prevents the regeneration of the disease. Herbal Care Products can provide the natural herbal supplement Herbal Treatment for Bullous Pemphigoid.

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Sebaceous Cyst – Epidermoid Disorder

What are Sebaceous Cyst?

The problem of sebaceous cyst is very common among the females especially the girls. They occur due to various skin issues including the damage to the follicles. They are also become a result of excessive use of cosmetics and beauty products made of oils. The Sebaceous Cyst Removal are not harmful in nature however they create severe results if left in treated for longer. They can become a reason for skin cancer because of the blockage and rupture.

Sebaceous Cyst Causes

They are composed of yellow or white colored mass that excretes out upon any kind of rupture. Sometimes they are hard and have a black head end. The cysts can be formed on any skin surface where as on the dark complexion the sebaceous cyst are pigmented.

Sebaceous Cyst Symptoms

Usually people mix the Sebaceous Cyst Symptoms with epidermoid cysts and pilar cysts. They are of two different kinds and have different nature from the sebaceous cyst. The epidermoid cysts are present in the upper layer of the skin called epidermis where as the pilar cysts are caused due to the hair follicles. The sebaceous cyst do not rise from the sebaceous glands they are composed of sebum and are rare. The other ones are composed of keratin.

Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous Cyst Diagnosis

Effects of different types of sebaceous cyst are similar but type can be found by biopsy. They vary in size according to the place from 0.4 inch to 2 inches. They have tenderness on the skin surrounding them there may be swelling and redness as well. However the complete grown cyst is sometimes partially yellow in color.

Sebaceous Cyst Prognosis

The sebaceous cyst when touched or pressed they move to other place. They can be seen anywhere in the body including the genital areas. If the body has problem of producing excessive testosterones the cysts also generated due to that.

Sebaceous Cyst Prevention

The treatment recommended by the doctors is the surgery of that place. it is not certain that after surgery the sebaceous Cyst On Kidney will never appear again because during the surgery the skin is ruptured and the cyst is taken out. Rupture to the organ or the skin is a cause of sebaceous cyst production. It can occur again in the same part even after the successful surgery.

Sebaceous Cyst Treatment

An amazing treatment is the Banical herbal medicine. It is entirely composed of herbal contents that are a result of extensive research from the experts. This medicine is made according to the nature of the body and the response of the skin cells to the sebaceous Cyst On Back. It strengthens the skin cells and makes them strong enough to dissolve the cyst itself. The medicine can be bought from Herbal Care Products. The ingredients of this medicine are Shilajit, Liliaceae, Spiny bamboo, Cloves, Centaurea behen, Cassia, Jadwar, Nutmeg, Early-purple orchid, Himalayan Peony, Red-veined salvia, Ginger, Nux vomica and Grey Amber. It is very effective even in the case of severe issue of cysts. However it is recommended that patient should start using this medicine as the first cyst starts appearing. It also helps in revitalizing the skin when the sebaceous cyst gets ruptured or the mass start coming out of it. This medicine is highly admired by the users and medical specialists.

Natural Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts are as effective as natural home remedies. The best part of herbal remedy is that they don’t have any side-effects.

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Alopecia – Youthful hair loss problem

What is Alopecia?

What Is Alopecia is the issue of frequent hair loss. It usually occurs due to heredity. It mostly appears because of the ancestors or relatives having the issues. If more than four people in a family have this problem then definitely one person among the generation get affected. Auto immune disorder is an issue of the immune system during which the body works against its own follicles.

Alopecia Causes

The alopecia causes happens when the immune system goes against the hair follicles. The roots of hair get disturbed and weak due to that no further hair growth happens and the already present hair also falls out. Among the infants, causes for alopecia can be diagnosed however certainly it is a bit difficult to treat because their immune system is not properly developed causes of alopecia.

Alopecia symptoms

There are three types of Alopecia Symptoms. The alopecia areata monolocularis , alopecia areata multicularis and ophiasis. During the first one the hair falls in the form of a spot. It happens anywhere on the scalp and results in the complete hair fall on that area. The second one refers to the hair falling from multiple areas that may result in maximum baldness. In the third type of alopecia the hair starts falling in the form of waves and can start from any direction of the head. There are various other sub symptoms of alopecia among them Alopecia areata barbae is the one that results in the hair loss from the beard. However symptoms for alopecia total is the complete hair of scalp falls out and alopecia universalis refers to the hair fall from the whole body including the pubic hair.


Alopecia Diagnosis

Trichoscopy is a method used for the diagnosis of the type of Androgenetic Alopecia areata. Most of the physicians follow various methods for the medication. In very rare cases biopsy is used for the diagnosis of the problem because it does not involve such type of vessels and cysts.

Alopecia Prognosis

The patches of Androgenic Alopecia can easily be recognized when they start whereas the diagnosis methods identify the type when the spots are similar to others. Initially severe itching and inflammation occurs on the areas from where hair fall starts. Usually hair falls from small areas in the start as the time passes these patches start expanding and extreme baldness happens.

Alopecia Prevention

There are various companies who offer oils and other products where as they have different side effects on skin.

Alopecia Treatment

The most reliable medicine for the treatment of alopecia is Apolical. It is highly recommended by the skin and hair specialists for alopecia treatment. It is composed of herbal constituents that include rhubarb, Indian long pepper, fevernut, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha. These are totally natural herbs that prevent the hair fall and increase re-growth. This treatment for alopecia amazingly reduces hair fall and cover the bald patches with new hair.

People facing problem of extreme dandruff and excessive hair fall should start using it without wasting time. They can get it from Herbal Care Products. There are amazing results of apolical on the patients no matter from which type of alopecia they are suffering from. In any case, to control the seriousness of the sickness and lighten the major symptoms of pain and infertility, you can try some Natural Treatment for Alopecia.

This is the way to treat hair loss. Treatment by alopecia natural remedies we prefer the Herbal Care Products company for patients. alopecia herbal remedies is the apolical. The alopecia natural treatment help to improve hair lossalopecia herbal treatment have no side effects.

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Abdominal Adhesions – Adhesions related disorder (ARD)

What are Abdominal Adhesions?

Different kinds of fibrous tissues get formulated in result of various factors which tends the internal organs to stick together. They create severe problem inside the body when the intestines fail to move and stretch in case of food digestion. The internal tissues of the body are slippery and help the internal organs to stay separate without sticking together. The Abdominal Adhesions cavity includes the organs from the food pipe that starts after mouth and brings food to the stomach. It also includes different types of intestines and bowel.

Abdominal Adhesions Causes

This issue mostly occurs due to the abdominal surgery. With the passage of time the problems increases and the Abdominal Adhesions Causes gets tighter and increases in number so they also show their harmful effects after years.

Abdominal Adhesions

Abdominal Adhesions Symptoms

There are no specific signs through which they can be diagnosed. The only symptom is the severe Abdominal Adhesions Symptoms pain and cramps in the stomach but they also occurs in many cases. Through other diagnosis methods they are usually located by the physicians. The abdominal X-rays are collected by passing small amount of radiation or the CT scan can be captured. The reports are studied by a radiologist who carefully gives the written diagnosis.

Abdominal Adhesions Diagnosis

During the surgery sometimes other organs get small cuts due to the surgical instruments, they can become one of the reasons for the abdominal Intestinal Adhesions. In some cases the internal organs become dry either due to the drapes used during the surgery or when the surgery goes for longer time. When the internal organs lose their natural moisture and smoothness of their surface they start getting obstructions. They also appear when the blood clots are not removed properly after the surgery. Hence in most of the cases of surgery the abdominal adhesions definitely occur. Although there are various other issues as well due to which they are diagnosed, these are other than the surgical issues. They may include appendix rupture, frequent radiation, gynecological or abdominal infections.

Abdominal Adhesions Prognosis

There is no natural diet which increases or decreases the problem however the doctors advise to take the soft and easily digestible foods. They break easily into smaller particles, due to that they do not get stuck due to the fibers formed in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal Adhesions Prevention

The cure for this issue is the repeated surgery where as there is no guarantee of preventing them. When the patient undergoes surgery in the abdominal cavity the surgeon arranges some continuous checkups in which they observe the internal condition to prevent the abdominal Uterine Adhesions. They create severe issues if they occur and increase in the body. They can cause infertility among females or due to them the eggs do not locate accurately in the ovary. They can become the reason of miscarriage if the woman has already conceived.

Abdominal Adhesions Treatment

Adhenical is a successful cure for this. This medicine is made from herbal constituents those are highly effective for curing the problem. This abdominal adhesions herbal treatment has no side effects; hence it is highly recommended and should be started as the Abdominal Adhesions Treatment get diagnosed. It is available at Herbal Care Products.

Abdominal Adhesions Treatment Alternative includes are surgery, homeopathic medicine, laser treatment or sometime effected person chose acupuncture. But on the other hand pain relief use Treatment for Abdominal Adhesions which include natural herbal method it a natural way to reduce the problem.

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Achalasia – Esophageal Disease

What is Achalasia?

What Is Achalasia. The problem is a very severe health issue that intends the patient to have extreme weight loss due to the problem in swallowing the food and liquids. It sometimes create the infection and swelling in the food pipe that brings food from mouth to stomach called esophagus. When the issues increase and reach an extreme stage it can be converted into chronic diseases.

Achalasia Causes

The food starts getting stuck in the chest and it sticks on several places. Later on it results in creating heart burn and pain. The chronic thing is the excessive weight loss and the pain during the problem. It never lets the patient gain weight and maintains a good health. Ultimately the problem creates many other problems.

Achalasia Symptoms

The problem of Achalasia Symptoms is usually a rare disease that is chronic but is not very common however if one or two symptoms occur in a patient, immediately a physician should be consulted and the patient should start medicine. When the esophagus starts expanding and stretching due to the swelling and issue other problems also start appearing. It should b treated very seriously and carefully because it can cause very harmful effects on the body.


Achalasia Diagnosis

There are several methods through which the diagnosis can be done. The endoscopy of the food pipe is done or the patient goes through the Esophageal Achalasia. The condition is captured through these procedures.

Achalasia Prognosis

It is better that the patient avoid taking the high caffeine products such as coffee ,tea , chips , steaks and other fried items. Patient should have an apple or two in the morning during the problem so that a little energy can be absorbed by the body.

Achalasia Prevention

The patients of Achalasia Cardia are advised to avoid over eating and have reasonable amount of food with no spice and oil. There are many people who use fresh pieces or juices of oranges and grapefruits in breakfast. Physicians and doctors advise such patients to avoid the intake of oranges and other citrus fruits instead of breakfast. The people having this problem should avoid exercise and taking warm milk and eggs before breakfast.

Achalasia Treatment

Achnical is considered as the best Achalasia Treatment. This medicine is composed after the extraordinary research and is made by the medical experts. It has no side effects and helps the maintenance of health without creating any further issues. There are several precautions written on the jar of the medicine. It is extremely focused that the patient facing these issues never stay with empty stomach and the medicine should be taken right after the breakfast. The timing should be strictly followed that is written on the packing or as prescribed by the physician.

The Achalasia Herbal Treatment helps in balancing the system along with regulating it properly. It is available at the Herbal Care Products. It also reduces the chances of its reappearing and due to no side effects it is highly effective. It only works on the problem so patient does not need any kind of surgery for the remedy. Natural Remedies for Achalasia work better on specific types of the condition.

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Here’s an interesting article on Delayed Ejaculation!

Natural Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation

Presenting to you all an article written by a sex therapist on delayed ejaculation as he calls it retarded ejaculation! The writer of this article is Michael A. Perelman, Ph.D from N. Y. Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, N.Y. USA

Pasting the article here as it is posted on

Retarded ejaculation (RE) is probably the least common, and least understood, of all the male sexual dysfunctions. RE is one of the diminished ejaculatory disorders (DED), which is a subset of male orgasmic disorders (MOD). DED is a collective term for an alteration of ejaculation and /or orgasm that ranges from varying delays in ejaculatory latency to a complete inability to ejaculate, anejaculation, and retrograde ejaculation, as well as reductions in volume, force, and the sensation of ejaculation. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) defines RE as the persistent or recurrent delay in, or absence of, orgasm after a normal sexual excitement phase during sexual activity that the clinician, taking into account the person’s age, judges to be adequate in focus, intensity, and duration. The disturbance causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. Similar to the term “premature ejaculation,” the most commonly used term—“retarded ejaculation”—is sometimes avoided because of its pejorative associations.

In general, RE is reported at low rates in the literature, rarely exceeding 3%. However, based on clinical experiences, some urologists and sex therapists are reporting an increasing incidence of RE. The prevalence of RE appears to be moderately and positively related to age, which is not surprising in view of the fact that ejaculatory function as a whole tends to diminish as men age.

Failure of ejaculation can be a lifelong (primary) or an acquired (secondary) problem. Many men with secondary RE can masturbate to orgasm, whereas others, for multiple reasons, will or cannot. A distinguishing characteristic of men with RE—and one that has implications for treatment—is that they usually have little or no difficulty attaining or keeping their erections—in fact they are often able to maintain erections for prolonged periods of time. Yet, despite their good erections, they report low levels of subjective sexual arousal, at least compared with sexually functional men.
Delayed Ejaculation

Etiology: Biogenic

In some instances, a somatic condition may account for RE, and indeed, any procedure or disease that disrupts sympathetic or somatic innervation to the genital region has the potential to affect ejaculatory function and orgasm. Thus, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, pelvic-region surgery, severe diabetes, and medications that inhibit a-adrenergic innervation of the ejaculatory system have been associated with RE. delayed ejaculation causes, radical prostatectomies (RP) can have a significant negative impact on the sexual function of the patient’s (and partner’s) quality of life. An adequate discussion of the impact of RP on orgasmic capacity is beyond the scope and focus of this article, but suffice it to say a major part of sexual experience and satisfaction has been missing from discussions of sexual rehabilitation following RP. Regrettably, to date, minimal data are available on the post prostatectomy orgasmic experience. While there are anecdotal reports of diminished sensation and pain, Barnas et al. described the only study providing statistics on the prevalence and nature of orgasmic dysfunction after RP. While admirable, this not-yet-replicated study’s sample size (N = 239) was exceedingly modest, given the enormous number of RP procedures performed annually worldwide. Nevertheless, sizable portions of men with RE exhibit no clear somatic factors that account for the disorder.

Pathophysiological causes of RE are far more readily identifiable; they generally surface during a medical history and examination, and they typically stem from predictable sources: anomalous anatomic, neuropathic, endocrine, and medication (iatrogenic). All types of RE show age-related increases in prevalence, independent of increased severity with lower urinary tract delayed ejaculation symptoms. Commonly used medications, particularly antidepressants, may delay ejaculation as well.

Etiology: Psychogenic

Multiple psychosocial explanations have been offered for RE, with unconscious aggression, unexpressed anger, and malingering recurring as themes. In addition, pregnancy fears have been emphasized, as professional referral has often been tied to the female partner’s wish to conceive. Masters and Johnson were the first to suggest an association between RE and religious orthodoxy, positing that certain beliefs limit sexual knowledge and familiarity, causing individuals to “not learn” to ejaculate, or experience an inhibition of normal function.

Recent clinical samples of RE men have noted a disproportionately large number of religiously orthodox/fundamentalist men. Some of these men had very limited sexual knowledge and
masturbated minimally, or not at all. Others, similar to their more secular counterparts,
masturbated for years, but with guilt and anxiety about “spilling seed” subsequently
resulting in RE. The role that religious orthodoxy/fundamentalism plays in the etiology of RE for some menvaries considerably around the world as a function of cultural differences.

Alternatively, men with RE sometimes indicate greater arousal and enjoyment from masturbation than from intercourse. Such an “autosexual” orientation may involve an idiosyncratic and vigorous masturbation style—carried out with high frequency. An “idiosyncratic” masturbation style is one that is not easily duplicated by their partner’s hand, mouth, or vagina. Specifically, many men with RE engage in self-stimulation that is striking in the speed, pressure, duration, and intensity necessary to produce an orgasm, and dissimilar to what they experience with a partner. Disparity between the reality of sex with the partner and the sexual fantasy (whether or not unconventional) used during masturbation is another potential cause of RE.

In short, high-frequency idiosyncratic masturbation, combined with fantasy/partner disparity, may well predispose men to experiencing problems with arousal and ejaculation. This pattern suggests that RE men may lack sufficient levels of physical and/or psychosexual arousal during coitus to achieve orgasm. Inadequate arousal may be responsible for increased anecdotal clinical reports of RE for men using oral medications for the treatment for ED. While most men using phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5 (PDE-5s) experienced restored erections and coitus with ejaculation, others experienced erection without adequate psycho-emotional arousal. That is, they did not experience sufficient erotic stimulation before and during coitus to reach orgasm, confusing their erect state as an indication of sexual arousal when it primarily indicated vasocongestive success.

Finally, the evaluative/performance aspect of sex with a partner often creates “sexual performance anxiety” for the man, a factor that may contribute to RE. Such anxiety typically stems from the man’s lack of confidence to perform adequately, to appear and feel attractive (body image), to satisfy his partner sexually, to experience an overall sense of self-efficacy, and to measure up against the competition. Anxiety surrounding the inability to ejaculate may draw the man’s attention away from erotic cues that normally serve to enhance arousal. This “ejaculatory performance” anxiety interferes with the erotic sensations of genital stimulation, resulting in levels of sexual excitement and arousal that are insufficient for climax (although more than adequate to maintain an erection).


Retarded ejaculation, then, is best understood as an endpoint or response that represents the interaction of biological, psychological, relationship and cultural factors.

A genitourinary examination and medical history may identify physical anomalies associated with ejaculatory dysfunction as well as contributory neurologic, endocrinologic, or erectile factors. Attention should be given to identifying reversible determinants including: urethral, prostatic, epididymal, testicular infections, and especially insuring the presence of adequate androgen levels. Particularly with secondary RE, adverse pharmaceutical side effects—most commonly from serotonin-based prescriptions—should be ruled out.
A focused psychosexual evaluation is critical and typically begins by differentiating this sexual dysfunction from other sexual problems and reviewing the conditions under which the man is able to ejaculate. The developmental course of the problem—including predisposing issues of religiosity—and variables that improve or worsen performance, particularly those related to psychosexual arousal, should be noted. Perceived partner attractiveness, the use of fantasy during sex, anxiety surrounding performance, and coital and masturbatory patterns all require exploration.

Natural Herbal Remedies of Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Current sex herbal remedies for delayed ejaculation approaches to RE continue to emphasize the importance of masturbation in the delayed ejaculation treatment of RE. Men who are unaware or unable to become aroused are taught through masturbation and/or partner stimulation to experience increasing levels of arousal through a combination of improved/increased “friction and fantasy.” For others, the focus is on masturbatory retraining, integrated into sex herbal remedies of delayed ejaculation. Masturbation can serve as a type of “dress rehearsal” for sex with a partner. By informing the patient that his difficulty is merely a reflection of “not rehearsing the part he intended to play,” the stigma associated with this problem can be minimized and cooperation of both the patient and partner can be evoked. A man may be encouraged to alter the style of masturbation (“switch hands”) and to approximate (in terms of speed, pressure, and technique) the stimulation likely to be experienced through manual, oral, or vaginal stimulation by his partner.

Of course, masturbation retraining is typically merely a means to an end, and the goal of most current therapeutic techniques for RE (either primary or secondary) is not merely to provide more intense stimulation, but rather to stimulate higher levels of psychosexual arousal and, eventually, orgasm within the framework of a satisfying experience.

Natural remedies of delayed ejaculation for secondary RE follows a strategy similar to that of primary anorgasmia. Men are counseled to use fantasy and bodily movements during coitus, which help approximate the thoughts and sensations perhaps previously experienced only in masturbation. For those individuals the clinician or urologist will often need to counsel these patients to temporarily suspend masturbatory activity and limit orgasmic release to only the desired activity, which is typically coitus.

Partner Issues

To increase satisfactory outcomes from treatment, the partner needs to cooperate with the therapeutic process, finding ways to pleasure the man that enhance arousal and that can be incorporated into the couple’s lovemaking. Sexual fantasies may have to be realigned so that thoughts experienced during masturbation better match those occurring during coitus. Efforts to increase the attractiveness and seductive/arousing capacity of the partner and to reduce the disparity between the man’s fantasy and the actuality of sex with his partner may be useful.

While a number of other partner-related issues may affect a male’s ejaculatory interest and capacity, two require special attention: fertility/conception and anger/resentment.

Regarding conception, the pressure of the woman’s “biological clock” is often the initial treatment driver. The woman—and often the man as well—usually meet any potential intrusion on their plan to conceive with strong resistance. If the urologist or other HCP suspects the patient’s RE is related to fear of conception, he may inquire about the patient’s ability to experience a coital ejaculation with contraception (including condoms) but not during “unprotected” sex. Such a “test” can serve as a powerful diagnostic indicator: if the RE occurs with high probability only during unprotected sex, the HCP can assume that conception is a primary factor causing/maintaining RE.

Whether related to fertility or not, the man’s anger (expressed/unexpressed) toward his partner may be an important intermediate causational factor and must be ameliorated through individual and/or conjoint consultation. Anger is typically a powerful anti-aphrodisiac, and while some men avoid sexual contact entirely when angry at a partner, others attempt to perform, only to find themselves only modestly aroused and unable to maintain an erection/and or reach orgasm. While the man’s assertiveness should be encouraged, the HCP should also remain sensitive and responsive to the impact of this change on the partner—the object of the newly expressed anger—and the resulting alteration in the couple’s equilibrium.

Alternative Treatment Approaches

After natural remedies for delayed ejaculation. While anecdotally viewed by urologists as a difficult-to-treat sexual dysfunction, some sex therapists have reported good success rates, in the neighborhood of 70-80%. Furthermore, although this review has concentrated on the use of counseling methods, there are some medical treatments available.

A number of pharmacological agents have been used off-label to facilitate orgasm in patients taking SSRI antidepressants and other drugs known to delay or inhibit ejaculatory response. Although not approved by regulatory agencies for the treatment of RE, the anti-serotonergic agent cyproheptadine and the dopamine agonist amantadine have been used with moderate success in this population of patients. However, the lack of large, controlled studies with these and other ejaculatory-facilitating agents suggests a high ratio of adverse effects to potential efficacy. Appropriate assessment and consideration of androgen levels is a critical component of treatment. Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS) is a potential inexpensive and convenient first-line urological treatment to increase sexual friction and provide the stimulation necessary to restore orgasmic capacity for some who suffered from either a primary or a secondary RE. PVS has been used adjunctively, with discretion, by sex therapists for over thirty years to treat delays/inhibitions of both male and female orgasmic disorders. However, the urological evidence for using PVS, is almost exclusively fertility related; typically for spinal-cord injured men suffering primary RE.

Future Directions: Combination Treatments

Any technique that improves orgasmic response can be usefully incorporated into a combination treatment. Once proof of orgasmic capacity has been reestablished (PVS, for instance), follow-up sessions provide opportunity to increase the probability that orgasm may be evoked by a variety of stimulation techniques, depending on patient and partner preference. As research continues to uncover greater understanding of the ejaculatory process, the likelihood of finding pro-ejaculatory agents increases. As with PE and ED, should safe and effective pharmacological options become available for RE, treatment for this dysfunction will undergo a major paradigm shift, with combination drug and sex therapy protocols likely producing the greatest efficacy and best outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction.


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Is Atrial Fibrillation going to get worse?

As we’ve already posted many research articles on various disorders this time we found one for Atrial Fibrillation. The question that attracted our attention was “Will Atrial Fibrillation Get Worse?”

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The question that was asked was Will Atrial Fibrillation Get Worse?”

They stated that “Early in the disease process, the abnormal heart rhythm often starts and stops in very brief episodes. In people who have pacemakers that record all heartbeats, short runs of atrial fibrillation lasting a few seconds to minutes are often recorded well before symptoms develop. Over time, the episodes may last longer or occur more frequently. Often in this stage of the disease people become aware of the abnormal rhythm. We call this stage of the disease paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

Studies show that over time, approximately 25-40 percent of people will go on to develop atrial fibrillation that is continuous, called “persistent”. In some of these cases, the heart can often be reset to a normal rhythm with an electrical shock called a cardioversion.

atrial fibrillation

Unfortunately, recurrences of atrial fibrillation after a cardioversion are high. Most people require additional therapies. These may include medicines that control the heart rhythm or ablation procedures to keep the heart in a normal rhythm.

Response to treatment is reduced when a person has persistent atrial fibrillation. In people that remain in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, Atrial fibrillation natural remedies work better compared to those in persistent atrial fibrillation. For example, a worldwide study of catheter ablation success rates found that 75-83 percent of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation compared to only 63-72 percent in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation remained in a normal rhythm after the procedure – without the need for additional medications. In patients with persistent atrial fibrillation herbal remedies more than one procedure is often required.

The success rates of using medications alone to keep the heart in a normal rhythm are often only 10-40 percent in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation.

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