Natural Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags and Symptoms, Causes

Natural Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags and Symptoms, Causes

What are Swollen Eye Bags?

Swollen eyes are a result of an inflammation in the eye area, which may make the eyes look puffy, red and sore. These inflammations are quite common all of us have had to contend with it at least a few times over the past few months, for sure. There are a lot of possible causes for swelling in the eye area, which will be explained later on in this article. Getting a bout of eye bags when you wake up in the morning (perhaps after staying up late the night before) is an example of a mild manifestation of swollen eyes. More severe manifestations that persist can be a symptom of an entirely different illness.

How Bad Can Swollen Eye Bags Get?

There are certain cases in which swollen eyes might be a cause for alarm. As is the case when the swelling does not subside and happens frequently. As previously mentioned, the swelling can be as mild as eye bags, which usually subside after a couple of hours. In some cases where the swelling is accompanied by other symptoms for eye bags like rashes and discharge, merits medical attention. This could be a symptom of something you might have, or maybe it could be an insect bite. When it comes to swollen eyes, it is quite hard to make assumptions. The best thing to do when you get a bad case of swollen eye, but are not sure about what it is caused by, then it’s best that you seek medical attention before proceeding to apply topical creams that you may have lying around at home.

Why Eye Bags Swollen Usually in the Morning?

Eyes usually swell up in the morning due to water retention in the skin around the eyes. Did you ever notice how after a night of crying, you almost always wake up with swollen eyes? This area, apart from being sensitive is also prone to retaining fluids. You sleeping position also has a lot to do with your propensity to get swollen eyes in the morning. If you sleep on your back, with your head not elevated, then it’s likely that will wake up with puffy eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes acts as some sort of a catch basin for the fluids that should have circulated, absorbs the fluid that’s supposed to be circulating around the face and head.

What are the Causes of Eye Bags Swollen?

Having swollen eyes is a fairly common occurrence among many people. Some causes of eye bags can be as mild as simply crying the night before, but it swollen eyes can also be a sign of a serious illness, as with having a tumor or a bacterial infection.

The eye bags causes, although practically innumerable, can be classified into two categories: mild and severe. A bout of mild swollen eyes is characterized by swelling that can be expected to go down within a couple of hours at most, with the help of rinsing the eye area, applying cold compress or simply leaving it alone, as with eye bags due to lack of sleep, excessive crying or having a salty meal before going to sleep. Also belonging in the “mild” category are allergies and insect bites. Applying topical creams that can help lessen the swelling and at the same time make the soreness and itching go away.

Bacterial and viral infections, depending on how long the symptoms have persisted, can be considered severe. This requires a trip to the doctor’s office because doing so can help you figure out what causes for eye bags the infection that caused the inflammation. The doctor will also be able to prescribe the proper course of treatment and medication so that the inflammation can go away. Also in this category are inflammations due to burns and trauma in the eye area.

As previously mentioned, swollen eyes can be a symptom of underlying illness. A good example of this would be hyperthyroidism people with this condition tend to get swollen eyes. Cases like this are quite challenging to treat because making it go away entails treating the hyperthyroidism itself.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Eye Bags Swollen?

You can easily tell that you have swollen eyes when you notice discoloration (redness), inflammation and in some cases, soreness. Any or a combination of these eye bags symptoms that result in swollen eyes should be closely monitored, as the eye area is a very delicate area. If anything goes wrong, it might directly affect your ability to see. The symptoms of eye bags are actually quite similar for the different causes of swollen eyes. The important thing to do is to monitor these symptoms. If you find that these symptoms happen frequently, then you should consult either an eye doctor or a dermatologist to help you figure out what’s wrong. This way, you can get to the bottom of the swelling and hopefully get rid of it.

Puffy Eyes Vs. Swollen Eye Bags

The terms “puffy eyes” and “swollen eyes” are interchangeable because both are cases of inflammation in the eye area. Most of the time, puffy eyes are associated with milder cases of inflammation, such as eye bags. Swollen eyes, on the other hand, can include more severe cases of inflammation as when a person gets an allergic reaction or gets an insect bite in the eye area. These present harsher symptoms that should be addressed with the aid of certain topical creams that can help minimize the swelling and get rid of the other symptoms that go along with it.

How Can We Reduce (Treatments and Preventions) Swelling Puffy Eye Bags?

Treatment for eye bags, swelling puffy eyes, at least the kind that is happens due to water retention in the skin around the eyes, Treatment of eye bags by applying cold compress to each eye. All you need to do is to chill two teaspoons in the freezer for about two to five minutes. Take them out and put one teaspoon on each eye. The coldness will curb the swelling of the skin and the blood vessels in the region and at the same time help close the pores in the area. Alternatively, you can use chilled slices of cucumbers or potatoes as a substitute for the teaspoons.

Applying eye cream twice a day helps promote the health of the skin in the eye area. These creams can help prevent cases of swollen eye areas. There are some topical ointments and creams that you can use or bites and infections. But we prefer natural treatment for eye bags. Because herbal treatment for eye bags safely treat patients skin.

Natural Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags

This is the way to treat dark circles and bags under your eyes with herbal remedies safely. Treatment by eye bags natural remedies we prefer the Herbal Care Products company, who are create herbal products for patients. eye bags herbal remedies is the glamical product. Best eye bags natural treatment help to improve dark circles under eye bags & eye bags herbal treatment have no side effects.


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