Benign Essential Tremor and Food

Benign Essential Tremor and Food

We frequently hear the phrase “you are what you eat,” yet we often overlook how accurate it is. Everything we eat on a daily or weekly basis has a long-term impact on our bodies. Certain behaviours, when followed correctly, can have a significant positive impact on our health and way of life. Fresh food and a healthy diet have an impact on our mental health as well as our physical health.

The type of food we eat, as well as how it’s prepared, all have an impact on our health. The temperature at which you cook your meat, for example, may be linked to the aggravation of critical tremors. Meat cooked at high heats can produce harmane, a chemical that exacerbates essential tremors.

Many other foods have been shown to affect the brain and exacerbate essential tremor. Below is a list of food kinds that are linked to brain health and should be consumed in specific amounts, if not avoided entirely. It’s remarkable how much tremor can be reduced by avoiding the meals we’ll discuss.

Here are five things you eat that can make your tremor worse:


Many individuals assume that a cup of coffee is required to begin their day. Unfortunately, many are unaware that caffeine produces tremors and exacerbates them by simulating the neurological system.


It’s common knowledge that Benign Essential Tremor is linked to issues with cerebellar function. There is a link between gluten and cerebellar damage, according to certain research. Although gluten does not cause essential tremors, it is nevertheless necessary to preserve the cerebellum.


When people are in agony or suffering, they tend to drink alcohol. For most patients, this is a pretty common alleviation. However, this is only a temporary remedy because alcohol use causes tremor in the long run.


Dairy consumption can lead to cerebellum-related auto-immune disorders. As previously stated, we don’t want to hurt our cerebellum, thus eliminating dairy from our diet and focusing on dairy-free alternatives can help you improve your tremor.

Refined Carbs and Sugar

“I’m cutting off sugar and carbs starting next Monday,” we hear people declare whenever they wish to start living a healthier lifestyle. Sugar and carbohydrates are well-known to be harmful to one’s health because they can lead to obesity. When we eliminate sweets out of our diet, we will notice noticeable changes in our bodies and minds. Sugars and carbohydrates have been shown in numerous studies to cause direct injury to the cerebellum. Although no studies have been done to verify a link between certain foods and essential tremors, research has indicated that essential tremors begin in the cerebellum.

To keep your life healthier and more pleasant, it is highly recommended that you strive to exclude as much as possible from those foods. It’s all about habits, as it can be difficult to give up meals that you’ve been eating for years. As a result, the optimal scenario in this situation would be the progressive elimination of certain types of dangerous foods. Let’s take the case of sugar consumption. Some people are addicted to consuming significant amounts of sugar every day, therefore avoiding one sugar-containing meal every now and then would be the best answer for them. They will become accustomed to not having sugar in their daily diet after a while.

Small modifications like these can help to lessen the impact of tremors, which cause uncontrollable shaking and impede us from living a regular life and following our goals. Many people with tremors have given up hope and believe that surgery is their only option. For a healthy physique, natural remedies and dedication should always be our first choice.

Understanding important tremors and how they affect you, your caregivers, family, and children is critical, and we must do everything we can to minimise their physical and mental repercussions. To conquer any ailment, mental health is just as crucial as physical health. Meeting other people who suffer from the same illness through support groups is a very helpful technique for essential tremor patients to enhance their mental health. It benefits patients by reassuring them that they are not alone in their journey and by encouraging one another to approach life with a more optimistic outlook, full of patience and hope.

With the advancement of technology, you can now effectively control the direction of your tremors and resume your normal daily activities. This idea can be realised by employing the Steadi-Two, which, thanks to its high-tech design and functionality, can help you regulate your hand tremors. A counter-weight in the glove moves in the opposite direction of the vibrations. It was created with the intention of making your life easier and assisting you in doing your daily activities correctly.


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