Myelitis – Infectious Spinal Cord

Myelitis – Infectious Spinal Cord

What is Transverse Myelitis ?

What is Transverse Myelitis. It is a problem of infection in the white or grey matter of the spinal cord that causes severe sensation of inflammation, tickling, numbness, prickling and tingling in the backbone or different parts of the body. In some cases it creates severe weakness and paralysis either of a partial part or of whole body.

Transverse Myelitis Causes

Transverse Myelitis Causes. It can occur due to various other diseases that may consider among the auto immune attacks, HIV and tuberculosis. It also occurs due to different types of viruses, bacteria, infections and parasites that reach the spinal cord.

Transverse Myelitis Symptoms

Transverse Myelitis Symptoms. Spinal cord is the main network of the brain that connects with all parts of the body. It is the bridge of brain to transfer the messages to all the body organs h, hence a minor damage to spinal cord can cause huge issue in the body because of the distortion in proper handling of the brain. There are several types of the Myelitis that are distributed upon their nature, part of the spinal cord where they are manifesting and the time period in which they spread or manifest. Usually all types of Myelitis are quick to manifest and can spread fast.

Transverse Myelitis Diagnosis

There are several ways to diagnose it. Initially the causes and history is taken by the doctors to make sure the severity of the disease. However the lumbar puncture is a must to diagnose the type of myelitis. It is a specific type of apparatus whose needle is inserted in the spinal cord by making the person lies in a specific direction. Doctor collects sample of the back bone fluid and examine to make sure the type of Lupus Myelitis. There are many other problems for which the lumbar puncture is done. On the very initial stages some blood tests are also done to distinguish the disease.

Transverse Myelitis Prognosis

The older adults having this problem also face the dysfunction of bladder and bowel. They also face pain in the back bone and the abdomen with urgency of urination. During the problem in some cases it causes damage to myelin and axon due to that patient loses his senses, comma can occur or the body can be paralyzed.

Transverse Myelitis Prevention

It is from acute to severe where as in every case it causes several damages to different organs. There are different techniques used for the repair of this disease that are classified among the surgeries, plasma exchange, different repairing methods and transplant. They all are very painful and hectic especially for the older adults.

Transverse Myelitis Treatment

Molistical is the best remedy for the Myelitis Herbal Treatment . It is made up of natural herbs and is tested for the best results. it is present at Herbal Care Products. Its ingredients are Nutmeg, Spanish chamomile, Egg Shell Calcium, Coral calcium, Henbane, Indian Rennet, Cowhage, Wattle Bark, Cloves, African rue, Elephant Creeper and Cinnabar. The patient should immediately start this medicine when the numbness and pain occurs in the limbs. It is also good for the back pain and weakness. When the problem is diagnosed, medicine should be immediately started. It is most reliable because it has no side effects.


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