Folliculitis – Hot Tub Rash And Inflammation

Folliculitis – Hot Tub Rash And Inflammation

What Is Folliculitis?

What is Folliculitis. It is a skin problem that is very common especially among the people used to frequent spa, hot tub and swimming pools. It causes pimples on the skin and the hair follicles starts causing inflammation. They are like pimple with the hair in it because the hair follicles are small pouches like bodies, when they get pus or fluid they appear like a pimple. It can occur with the people of any age group especially among the teenagers and the young adults. Mostly the hair follicles of legs, chest, arms and buttocks get affected by this problem.

Folliculitis Causes

The main cause of Folliculitis can be environmental bacteria, viruses, fungi and staphylococcus aureus bacterial. It can also occur due to the cuts happening while shaving or the rashes on the skin. The surgical wounds also catch pus in them and due to the hair follicles it spreads out toward the other areas. The people having acne problem have antibiotics prescription by the doctors. The continuous usage of these antibiotics generates serious issues of infections.

Folliculitis Symptoms

When you see following effects on the skin be sure that there is the problem of Folliculitis Pictures

  • Small bumps in the hair follicles with a hair in the center and the cluster of small read pimples that becomes pus filled after some time
  • Red skin that have inflammation and itching on the surface
  • Pain in the pimples or blisters and scarring of the pimples get rubbed and scratched
  • Acne lesions that are severe and painful and dark raised scares and bumps on the skin of neck and face

Folliculitis Diagnosis

The skin catches bacteria from different environmental causes, viruses or fungi. When the folliculitis occurs nobody can recognize the exact cause because it occurs due to anything from the routine activities. People having excessive acne problem can be considered among them and the doctors test their skin and pimple fluid sample to confirm the folliculitis.

Folliculitis Prognosis

The frequent use of swimming pools and spa become a reason for Scalp Folliculitis especially when the water is not treated properly with chlorine. During the hot tub bath, skin pores are opened hence the hair follicles endings spread due to the heat contact with the skin. When the cream, lotion or cocoa butter is applied to that the open mouth gets closed with the product applied, hence it becomes a reason to generate pimples on the skin.

Folliculitis Prevention

When the pimples start appearing and the patient uses this medicine, it dries the pus inside the pimples instead of making holes in the skin to pop out the pus.

Folliculitis Treatment

Fulical is the medicine for Folliculitis Treatment and that’s not only recovers the infection but rejuvenates the skin as well. It is made of totally natural herbs and herbal treatment for folliculitis is available at Herbal Care Products. Natural treatment for folliculitis reduce the problem that is visible and change can be observed from the continuous use. Pus gradually dries and dissolves in the skin layers. Herbal remedies for folliculitis also reduces the scars and redness on the skin. It is in the form of tablets so that natural remedies for folliculitis can reach any part of the body even where the problem is starting and not visible.


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