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Chitkul – The Beautiful Hangout in Himachal


An enchanting hamlet located in Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul, is the last motorable settlement on the border of India and Tibet. The charming Chitkul Valley in Kinnaur District is on the banks of river Baspa. It is a doorway to the winsome beauty of a landscape that is ornamented with exquisite meadows, a babbling river, and glorious mountains.

I planned my journey when I confirmed my vacation dates with december global holidays as December is the best month to visit Chitkul. The journey to the village is a life-changing experience where you will be able to revel in the realm of divine nature surrounding you. It is a must-visit destination for adventure and nature enthusiasts.

Local Festivals:

Several cultural and Local Festivals are organized in the village Chitkul such as:

Khepa Festival

Do you believe in demons?
If yes then come celebrate this festival where people scare away demons.
People placed local thorny shrubs on the rooftop to scare away the demons and evils.

Dakhrain Festival

I saw Young people climbing to several mountain tops to gather exotic flowers and being presented to local deities Matha Devi and Local people at night. This festival is celebrated at temple premises.

Places to Visit:

It is the last inhabited village near the Indo-China border with a population of around 900 people. Almost all the houses are built with either skate or wooden planks. It is the last tourist destination in India on this route, where I got to travel without a permit. If you visit during December months, you will find it more attractive and will easily get a permit to travel. So, before planning your journey check the holiday list of December in this link https://www.fnbbuzz.com/tips/december-global-holidays/

1. Mathi Temple

Dedicated to the local goddess Shri Mathi, the temple is said to be five centuries old. I found that the statue of the goddess is made of wood in contrast to the stone statues commonly found in temples.

Locals told me that according to folklore, the Devi settled in Chitkul Village after embarking on an arduous and long journey. Upon reaching the village she brought prosperity to the locals. I found the locals as loyal devotees and followers of the Goddess as she is considered to be their holy lucky charm. The Mathi Temple is centrally located in the village.

2. Chitkul Fort

The history behind the fort is ambiguous. The locals told me that not only is the origin debatable but also the structure. The fort that once served as a watchtower is one of the prominent attractions in the village. It is intricately decorated with wooden carvings that are typical of the Pahadi style of art that uses mountain stones as its base. The three-story high tower offers an overview of the village and the valley.

3. Chitkul valley

I found Chitkul Valley a paradise for photography enthusiasts. I captured village life, landscapes, architecture, and a lot more while visiting. In Chitkul I got the most authentic Pahadi experience that Himachal Pradesh has to offer. I felt that the quaint hamlet has a healing spiritual aura. I found it an ideal location for adventure and relaxation, where I could marvel at the beauty of nature nestled among the Himalayas

History and Culture

From the locals, I came to know that the historical background of Chitkul Valley is vague, as there are no concrete, authentic records. But I got a glimpse into the tales of the past through the people and their lineage, as well as through their houses of worship and the relics they possess.

According to prehistoric legends, the dwellers of Chitkul were called Kinnars and they were considered to be midway between God and people mainly for the location of their home.

After having a wonderful experience, I returned home with a heart full of memories.

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