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Scleroderma – Autoimmune Disease

What is Scleroderma? What is Scleroderma. It is basically a rare disease that can be better called a group of diseases. It hardens and tightens the skin by forming blots and scars. Sometimes rashes occur initially which changes into blisters and results in the disturbance in the skin connective tissues. Scleroderma Causes There are several …

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Some Treatment Options for Scleroderma!

Hello all! Here’s an informative article on Scleroderma which we came across while doing some research on the disorder. We found it informative and thought we should share it with you all. We will be; from time to time keep posting informative articles for your reading. This article has been extracted from https://www.hopkinsscleroderma.org/ on Scleroderma …

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