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What Is Granuloma Annulare Symptoms, Causes And Treatment


Granuloma Annulare Symptoms, Causes And Treatment What Is Granuloma Annulare. Its a chronic inflammatory skin disease consisting of a rash with ruddy knocks orchestrated around or ring. Granuloma annulare is frequently of obscure etiology most normally showing on the hands and feet and comprising of asymptomatic to somewhat mildly itchy, flesh shaded to erythematous annular plaques. …

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Granuloma Annulare – Auto Immune Skin Disorder

What Is Granuloma Annulare ? It is a chronic skin problem and occurs when the white blood cells of the skin starts converting into the clusters. It causes severe itching, inflammation and bumps on the skin in the circular shape or the shape of a ring. Granuloma Annulare Causes It causes the rashes on the …

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