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Prickly Heat Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


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Natural Herbal Treatment for Prickly Heat

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What is Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a general skin problem that occurs during the hot summer season. Prickly heat rash often appear on the face, neck, chest and arms. The problem happens when sweat cannot escape during the hair follicles and gets trapped under the skin thus causing tiny bumps which give a prickly and itching sensation, hence the name prickly heat.

Prickly heat rash is extremely common in infants but can happen in adults. In infants, Prickly heat rash is often caused by well-intentioned parents over bundling the baby in too heavy of a blanket or also many clothes in the summer months. In adults, intense work out with too much sweating may lead to heat rash particularly if the clothing worn does not allow adequate air circulation. Treatment for prickly heat mainly consists of cooling the skin. Recommendation strength cortisone creams may be needed to clear the rash. Watch for pustules, persistent rash, or worsening redness as these may be signs an infection is present. Infection can happen if bacteria get trapped.

Prickly heat rash it’s not serious babies are mostly prone to heat rash because their sweat glands are not completely developed yet.

Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive making it susceptible to skin irritations and rashes. The slightest bit of friction against this soft skin can cause a rash to appear. It’s not painful for your baby but we are all common with the annoying itching feeling of a rash; you actually want to scrape but know you should not. There can be a strong prickling and stinging sensation that your baby may find distressing.

Also, some of the red pimples valor is rather tender to touch, so make sure you are mild when touching your baby.

Quick Facts

  • Also known as heat rash
  • A group of various skin problem caused to heat exposure
  • It can occur in all age groups
  • Two other heat rashes include heat urticaria (hives) and sweat retention
  • Is more common in the month of summers
  • Usually resolves in few hours and sometimes even take days

There are four types of prickly heat:

  1. Clear (miliaria crystalline) which is the mildest form in which the blisters aren't itchy or painful
  2. White/yellow (miliaria pustulosa)
  3. Red (miliaria rubra) which occur deeper in the outer skin layer and usually itchy with red bumps
  4. Deep (miliaria profunda) which is a least common form and common usually in adults after repeated events of heat rash
  • Athletes, babies under 4, obese, bed-ridden people and military troops are at greater risk of suffering from this disorder

Prickly Heat Causes

There are several Prickly Heat Causes that reason and they are summed up as under:

  • Plugging of sweat ducts and hair follicles on the skin
  • Occluded sweat glands with trapped sweat
  • High salt content in human sweat
  • Skin irritants
  • Skin rashes
  • Over exposure to heat
  • Harsh chemicals
  • High humidity
  • High temperatures
  • Jacuzzi's, saunas, and steam rooms
  • Fever
  • Sunburn
  • Regular or excess sweating or hyperhidrosis
  • Tight garments and non-breathable fabrics
  • Application of perfumes, body oils, fragranced lotions and creams

Prickly Heat Symptoms

There are many Prickly Heat Symptoms but the most common are as follow:

  • Small red bumps on the skin
  • Red or pink patches on the surface of the skin
  • Greater degrees of irritation
  • Large welts, hives, and raised red bumps
  • Usually apparent on the face, neck, back, abdomen, groin, under the breasts, elbow folds, and buttocks

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Natural Treatment for Prickly Heat

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Why Itchical for Prickly Heat?

  • Made of 100% natural herbs
  • Comes with a money back guarantee
  • Reduces the appearance of bumps
  • Controls heat rashes
  • Regulates temperature
  • Increase resistance to heat
  • Significantly reduces irritation and size of red patches on the skin
  • Makes your skin cold
  • Gives you chilled feeling

When should you take it?

You should start taking Itchical for Prickly Heat as soon as:

  • The symptoms mentioned above stay for more than 3 to 4 days
  • You witness small red bumps near the hair follicles or on face, neck, back, abdomen, groin, under the breasts, elbow folds, and buttocks
  • You sweat more than usual
  • You witness rapid growth of bumps on skin

*If all or any of these conditions appear alongwith the symptoms mentioned earlier, its about time that you start taking Itchical*


Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha

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Usage Directions

  • Take two Itchical tablets per day strictly after breakfast
  • Have proper breakfast everyday
  • Don’t sleep empty stomach
  • Don’t deviate from the mentioned time
  • Take strictly after the meal and don’t attempt without breakfast
  • Take it with water at room temperature or slightly warm milk
  • Avoid taking the product with cold drinks

Precautions & Warnings

  • Don’t stay in heat or humidity for longer periods
  • Take cool showers after spending time in heat or after exercise
  • Don’t immediately take shower after sweating
  • Wear cool breathable fabrics like cotton
  • Avoid polyesters and nylon in summers
  • Stay in a comfortable room temperature
  • Keep babies cool and dry
  • Infant drooling may cause further occlusion of sweat ducts and hair follicles leading to heat rash on the face cheeks
  • Move and rotate bedridden and wheelchair bound patients to avoid constant sweating and occlusion in the same area
  • Don’t stay in heat for long
  • Do wash off the skin with mild soap and pat dry after sweating or exercise
  • Don't cover your skin with ointments, Vaseline, or heavy creams
  • Don't scrub or rub the skin to remove heat rash bumps
  • Avoid going in the hot tub, sauna, or Jacuzzi

**There is no such thing as overnight recovery for Prickly Heat. You need to be patient and especially in case of Herbal Products where it takes a while to actually witness performance. The herbs used to make Itchical do not by any means violate the endangered species list, FDA or MCA rules and regulations.**